Location Of Abilene Mixed Martial Arts

Location of Abilene Mixed Martial Arts

  • EXPERT INSTRUCTION – All classes taught by certified instructors.
  • STRUCTURED CURRICULUM with tailored programs for children and adults.
  • KARATE SYSTEMS – grounded in timeless traditions with practical applications for today’s challenges.
  • EARN UP TO 8 BLACK BELTS with numerous other martial arts mixed in for fun.
  • BEHRING JIU-JITSU – the world’s most effective ground defense system.
  • CARDIO KARATE – kick and punch your way to cardiovascular fitness while honing self-defense skills.
  • Spacious, clean, well-equipped school
  • Padded floor for safe training
  • 4 training floors
  • 6 large changing rooms
  • 2 showers
  • Guest observation/waiting area

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