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Wild Wild West Texas Karate Tournament Quickly Approaching

The Wild Wild West Texas Karate Tournament pre-registration is now closed, but it is not to late to join the fun. Registrations will be taken at the door. Grappling and continuous sparring are taking place Friday April 27 at 6:00 PM at Abilene Mixed Martial Arts dojo located at 1083 N. Judge Ely, Abilene, TX (easy access from I-20) and forms and sparring will take place Saturday April 28 with the doors opening at 8:00 AM at the Logos Hotel located at 5403 S. 1st, Abilene, TX (also easy access from I-20).

You can still download a flyer here and have it ready when you get to the door.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday!

Get Signed Up Now!

The Wild Wild West Karate Tournament is in just a few weeks! If you haven’t signed up, now is a good time to do it. Click on Wild Wild West Karate on the left side bar and follow the directions to either download the tournament flier or to register online.

Also, I still need volunteers. Remember the more volunteers we have the less time we all have to work. You will also get a volunteer T-shirt, free admission, and an additional admission into the tournament.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Start Gearing Up for the Wild Wild West Karate Tournament

We had a great time at the Big “D” Championship this past weekend. Check out the results here. I was able to get a few pictures and they are here if you want to check them out. Remember! I can’t get everyone at every tournament. If you want to see more pictures than what I have, please get them to me so I can get them added!

It’s time to start gearing up for our tournament, the Wild Wild West Texas Karate Championships, on April 27 & 28. I know everyone is working hard, practicing and getting ready. If you haven’t already (and a lot of you have not) get your registration in as soon as possible. I need to get those in so I can start focusing on other things for the tournament. And remember, the earlier you get it in, the better seed you get! If you have any questions about registration, please let us know.

I still need more volunteers to sign up. Again, the more volunteers we have the less amount of time everyone has to work. AND you get an extra spectator pass for anyone you choose.

And don’t forget the sparring seminar on April 13 & 14. Get signed up for that ASAP too!

Big “D” Nationals RESULTS

We had a great showing this past weekend in Addison. Started the day with the traditional lion dance which is always fun and the day just got better.  We had 16 participate and brought home 20 trophies, some much taller than the people that won them!

Mattie Bryan 2nd in sparring and kata

Rayven Fields 1st in sparring and kata

Larry Fields 3rd in kata and 2nd in specialty kata and sparring

Drake Fields 3rd in sparring

Anayah Hatcher 3rd in kata and 1st in sparring (and it was her birthday!)

Noah Hatcher 3rd in kata and 1st in sparring

Noah Garcia 3rd in kata

Alexa Marquez 2nd in sparring

Jahlyssa Marquez 1st in sparring

Destiny Herrera 1st in sparring

Luvly Beaver 1st in sparring

Taylor Adams 3rd in sparring

Makala Adams 2nd in kata (her personal best) and 1st in sparring

Also competing were Hazel Herrera, Italya Herrera, and JJ Shanz.

Congratulations to everyone! So proud of you all!!

I will have new pictures up soon!!


Texas Karate Heatwave Results!

Rachel Foster breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot

Don Chandler, breaking 1st hand, foot & elbow

Samiya Dennis, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 3rd sparring

Rayven Fields, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 2nd kata, 3rd specialty kata,3rd sparring

Drake Fields, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 3rd kata & sparring

Mark Mawson breaking 3rd hand & elbow, 4th foot

Charles Mawson breaking 1st elbow (bricks)

Kim Mawson, breaking 2nd foot (bricks)

Mattie May Bryan breaking 2nd hand, elbow & foot

MJ Henderson, breaking 2nd foot, 1st sparring and 3rd specialty kata

JJ Shanz, breaking 2nd hand, elbow & foot

Nick Cope, breaking1st hand & foot, 2nd elbow

Cameron Robertson, breaking 1st elbow, 2nd foot, 3rd hand

Italya Herrera, 1st sparring

Destiny Herrera, 1st sparring, 2nd specialty kata

Terry Field, 3rd kata & sparring

Larry Fields 2nd kata & specialty kate, 3rd sparring

Sean Mawson and Chancey Henderson both competed in First Time Breakers


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