A Safe Place For Your Kids After School


An After School Karate Program offers your school-aged child the opportunity to utilize their time after school to grow and develop in an environment that promotes constructive learning and interaction with others.

We are pleased to offer a unique, constructive program to engage and teach your children after school. Our afterschool program is a safe place for your children to be where we offer fun and child-safe martial arts instruction.

We offer transportation and your children will be provided a snack.

Monday – Friday 4:00pm – 6:00pm

After School Program Rates:

We offer very reasonable and competitive rates. Call or email for more information.

– Yes, we offer discounts for multiple siblings. Let us know you need the discount rate.

– Yes, we have instruction and care during Teacher Workdays and Holidays!

*Tuition is billed regardless of attendance. There is no proration due to inclement weather.

afterschool karate program transportation

After School Transportation Provided:

Your children can be picked up from school. We offer bus service after school to our Karate School.


We Teach Mixed Martial Arts:

Your students receive individual attention in our After School Karate Program in an atmosphere that promotes teamwork, camaradarie and individual growth.
Our martial arts programs are known to improve grades, physical abilities, personal development, behavior, and social skills.
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Character Building:

We feel that Karate or Martial Arts training is more than just the physical practice of the art. Our goal is also to focus on building your child’s confidence and character through example and specific teaching of integrity, focus and respect:


The ability to do what is right at all times – whether another is looking or not and especially when the child could get away with it.

Focus: The ability to concentrate energy and attention toward a particular goal or purpose.

Respect and Discipline:

This the focus of martial arts – to learn to respect and honor others and learn self-discipline. Students learn the lost art of respect – this includes parents, teachers, those in authority, and each other.  They also learn what it means to excercise self-discipline – the ability to do what is right despite outside or internal pressure to do otherwise.

Does your child struggle with learning and attention issues?

Excercise is great for any child, but those with learning difficulties and attention problems may have a harder time finding a sport activity for which they are suited.

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