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Tournament Results for the Wild Wild West Karate Tournament

What a great turnout we had for our tournament. We had almost 400 competitors! Next year we hope for more. Thanks to all of the people that volunteered to make everything run smooth.

Here are the results for AMMA competitors. (Please let me know if you see any errors or omissions)

Rayven Fields: kata 2nd sparring 1st

Drake Fields: kata 3rd sparring 3rd & grappling 1st

Terry Fields: kata 2nd

Larry Fields: kata 1st, specialty kata 2nd & sparring 2nd

Mattie Bryan: kata 3rd, sparring 3rd, continuous sparring 1st & personal best in breaking, power wood foot broke 10 of 13 boards!

Benjamin Cheek: breaking – power wood foot, hand & elbow 1st in all three

Marissa Smith: sparring 3rd

Brendan Sargent: breaking – power concrete elbow 1st

Anyah Hatcher: kata 2nd sparring 2nd & breaking – power wood elbow 2nd

Noah Hatcher: kata 1st, sparring 1st & breaking power wood elbow & foot

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Wild Wild West Karate and Breaking Championships

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