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Texas Karate Heatwave Results!

Rachel Foster breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot

Don Chandler, breaking 1st hand, foot & elbow

Samiya Dennis, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 3rd sparring

Rayven Fields, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 2nd kata, 3rd specialty kata,3rd sparring

Drake Fields, breaking 1st hand, elbow & foot, 3rd kata & sparring

Mark Mawson breaking 3rd hand & elbow, 4th foot

Charles Mawson breaking 1st elbow (bricks)

Kim Mawson, breaking 2nd foot (bricks)

Mattie May Bryan breaking 2nd hand, elbow & foot

MJ Henderson, breaking 2nd foot, 1st sparring and 3rd specialty kata

JJ Shanz, breaking 2nd hand, elbow & foot

Nick Cope, breaking1st hand & foot, 2nd elbow

Cameron Robertson, breaking 1st elbow, 2nd foot, 3rd hand

Italya Herrera, 1st sparring

Destiny Herrera, 1st sparring, 2nd specialty kata

Terry Field, 3rd kata & sparring

Larry Fields 2nd kata & specialty kate, 3rd sparring

Sean Mawson and Chancey Henderson both competed in First Time Breakers


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Wild Wild West Karate and Breaking Championships

May 25-26 Abilene Convention Center

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starts at 4PM Breaking starts at 6 PM Continuous Sparring starts at 6:15

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